This year’s OT Virtual Exchange (#OTVx17) will be held on October 27, 2017 and will be using World Occupational Therapy Day theme: Inform, Inspire and Influence.

What Is It?


It is a free, online, 24 hour conference for occupational therapists.


OT = Occupational therapy

24=24 hours

Vx=Virtual exchange


Whilst acknowledging the value of global connections for occupational therapists, we noticed that many OTs miss out on traditional avenues of connecting at conferences due to cost and time required. For some OTs a conference could cost as much as a whole year’s salary, but the need for equitable access to knowledge transfer opportunities is vital in a profession that continues to grow. In a world where technology is becoming more and more ubiquitous many occupational therapists are gaining techno-confidence. Thus the idea

of designing and delivering a 24 hour free real time online conference for knowledge sharing was born.


The OT 24-hour Virtual Exchange (OT24VX) started in 2010 and has been held each year to celebrate World Occupational Therapy Day. It has been organized and run by Online Technology for Occupational Therapy (OT4OT), a small group of occupational therapists from the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom; who are passionate about using online technology to advance entry level education, continuing professional development, research, and practice.


We are proud to be transitioning OT24Vx to becoming OTVx in 2017 and look forward to continuing to support knowledge transfer activities using online technologies in collaboration with the WFOT for occupational therapy practitioners and students around the globe.  #OTVX17 is this year’s official Vx hashtag.

Thanks to our University supporters Eastern Washington University, Boston University and USC.


This year the OTVx will be an 8-hour interactive online conference with invited speakers including Handicap International who will discuss conflict and emergencies, World Health Organization (WHO) discussing the Assistive Technology/GATE Programme; two keynote speakers, Marleen van Doesburg-Kaijen and Claire Craig from the European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE) Annual Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia and our WFOT President, Marilyn Pattison.

Here is a preliminary OTVx17 schedule in UTC/GMT with links to the virtual rooms.



Topic & Speaker

Tiny URL

Session 1


Meet & Greet - catch up with online friends

Session 2a


Welcome – Launch OTVx17

Social Media-WFOT Executive Project Team

Session 2b


Using Social Media to leverage and protect the OT brand

Session 3


Doing: a powerful way of learning Keynote

by Marleen van Doesburg-Kaijen

Session 4


Keynote by Claire Craig

Session 5


Conflict and Emergencies (Handicap International)

Session 6


WFOT Congress 2018 and Occupational Therapy in South Africa

Session 7a


Global Cooperation for Assistive Technology

(World Health Organization)

Session 7b


Opportunities to Enhance Occupational Therapists'

Wheelchair Service Provision Knowledge & Skills

(International Society of Wheelchair Professionals)

Session 8


Keynote by WFOT President, Marilyn Pattison